Developing Small Group Community Ministry, is a booklet which shows congregations how to establish teams of church visitors, and explores our understanding of Christian community.

Ten Small Group Devotions, provides examples [templates] of small group meditations which are designed to take the pressure off the group leader by bringing out the wisdom of the gathering.

Nocturnes, is a CD of prayers accompanied by piano. Please find attached prayers 2 and 5 from our seven track CD Nocturnes. The spoken prayers are partnered with the piano played by Mr. Bruce Ley. The prayers are for the darkened times, times dimmed by affliction. They are to help the listener acknowledge the moment, and be more alive with God within the darkened space. It is our hope that the CD will, in that strange way that God moves, bring some measure of freedom even as we articulate the confinements of life. Each CD is available for $10, and can be used as a resource for reflecting on the harsh realities faced by those with mental illness, or, it could be given to a church member who is going through a difficult time.

Cat Jeoffry, Church School Curriculum, to help introduce congregations to ways of engaging the mental health community. This package contains introductory material for teachers, twenty poster-size reproductions of art commissioned for the project and music selections. The curriculum has four studies for ten year olds (to cover one month), a more intense set of four studies for teenagers, and a set of six studies for adults. Through the art, music and carefully developed lesson outlines this curriculum should be very user-friendly for teachers.

These church school, small group lessons, deal in an age-appropriate way with illness, the consequences of having these illnesses, and, approaches the church can take to fight stereotypes and claim people in the mental health community as part of their life in Christ.

The poem by Christopher Smart and Jeoffry will be used to draw people of all ages into the matter of how people with mental illness are treated, and the poster-sized art can be used to invoke discussion about pastoral issues and the church’s role in shaping a just society.

Bulletin Inserts, outlines the ministry and possible ways for churches to be involved.

E.H. Johnson lecture: Community and God’s Call to Ministry, Boarding Homes Ministry was selected to receive the 2011 E.H. Johnson Award for ministry at ‘the cutting edge of mission’. Our home groups have been recognized as a vital source of ongoing, mutual mission between residents and church visitors. Download the the E.H. Johnson lecture: Community and God’s Call to Ministry