• Developing Small Group Community Ministry” and “Ten Small Group Devotions”: Booklets providing templates for small group discussions and suggestions for reflecting on shaping community. Both booklets are written by BHM founder, Rev. Rodger Hunter.
  • “Regarding the Holy” and “Leaving the Room to Scream”: Essays commissioned by BHM, written by Rev. Andrew Fullerton. Each essay delves into the philosophical and theological intricacies at play in a BHM visit.
  • Cat Jeoffry: A Church School curriculum to help introduce congregations to ways of engaging the mental health community. Through art, music and carefully developed lesson outlines, the curriculum deals in an age-appropriate way with illness, the consequences of having these illnesses, and approaches the church can take to fight stereotypes and claim people in the mental health community as part of their life in Christ. The curriculum is currently being editing and reformatted.
  • Nocturnes: Prayers recorded with solo piano music, used as a resource for reflecting on the harsh realities faced by those with mental illness or given to those who are going through a difficult time. The CD consists of seven tracks, with prayers written by Rev. Rodger Hunter and music by Bruce Ley. (BHM Nocturnes)