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Boarding Homes Ministry is a faith ministry and relies on donations from individuals, congregations and Christian foundations. Our donors are a vital part of the ministry. Without their help the home visits could not happen and the spiritual gifts of residents and team members would not be released and bring new life. There is now ministry in boarding homes in Windsor, Amherstburg, Brantford, Newmarket and in ten homes in Toronto. We are very grateful for the support of our donors.

Boarding Homes Ministry
Suite 200
73 Simcoe Street
Toronto, Ontario, M5J 1W9
We are most thankful for the generosity of our donors. They form an essential part of our community. Without the kindness of our donors it would not be possible for the ministry to sustain and nurture its existing teams or generate new ones. Donors constitute a vital part of the fabric of our union in Christ.

Boarding Homes Ministry is a registered charity which receives all its funding from churches, Christian foundations and private donors. Boarding Homes Ministry is most grateful to those who have so generously contributed to our efforts in building Christian community.

It is possible to make donations in the following ways:

  1. by cheque to our mailing address
  2. through PAR, pre-arranged remittances, which are scheduled withdrawals from a bank account (please contact our Treasurer at our mailing address, who will send you a form to register for PAR)
  3. through your congregation.
  4. To make a one-time donation through VISA please visit the Boarding Homes Ministry page at

Tax receipts will be issued in January unless otherwise requested.

Your donations helps in these ways:

==> $15/month helps buy refreshments for house visits
==> $20/month assists in the training of Interns from seminaries
==> $25/month supports the pastoral training of team members
==> $100 helps towards Christmas and Easter feasts

We respectfully ask your congregation, or youth group to consider how it might develop an annual fund raising event for BHM to help secure our financial status.

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