The Fabric Of This New Community

In Smart’s poem, Jeoffry rolls all about in the morning as part of his prayerful preparation for the day…

In the midst of the constraints of the day Jeoffry reaches. Here William Ho’s interpretation of his art:

“Jeoffry was open to God unreservedly.
He was longing to reach God…
he was longing to God creatively within all his constraints.
Jeoffry was turning seven times around and facing east upward.”
[William Ho, artist]

William’s art and commentary bring this truth home: in gospel union, there can be an expanding horizon.

Life will have its restrictions – there can still be reaching. Life can be grim in a madhouse – there can still be praise. The madhouse is securely locked – Jeoffry is ‘open’ to God and new possibility.

In Christian community life is both held, and can be expansive. Both are available, and unless both are plainly woven into our being then we are not being true to our circumstances and faith.

Christian community has wonderful textures:

Christian community is about nurture.

“Let’s read scripture so that we
don’t starve our souls.”

A healthy community is about holy wit.

“Mental illness is not contagious –
hope can be!”

A holy communion provides support.

“What would become of us
without encouragement?”

Praise is at the heart of a sacred community.

“I wouldn’t be alive today
if I didn’t delight in God.”

In a true community we find direction.

A poem by a team member

There, in the depths of the untouched,
Lies beauty.
In the dark corners of the angry,
Lies knowledge.
In the cracks of the broken,
Lies peace.
In the sorrows of the hurt,
Lies comfort.
And there, in the dirt of the rough,
Lies love.
They cry to you, O unsuspecting passer-by
“Take my hand and rub off my dirt
I will reveal to you my extraordinary value
And in turn I will rub the dirt off your heart.
Do not fear me
My tears will clean you.”
[Poem by team member]

As always
we put out an invitation:
weave your own life
into the fabric of a boarding home community.